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On Friendship and Sisterhood

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

My eyes they leave stains

In the places I have lain

Black and gray splotches

Rivers run when no one watches

Though my head may rest

When the night comes to call

My mind, it does its blessed best

To make sense of your leaving

When everyone else is asleep

I think of the times when we were at peace

And friendship was as to breathing

Sisterhood is tedious

It strains one’s heart

Yet it is worth the vicious

Pain that stabs at our hearts

When life seems to pull us apart

However, we are tethered by the love

From our mutual Father from above

Who sees my tears and yours too

-If you have them

He sees them be they many or few

So while my eyes leave these stains

I know they are mostly in vain

For we shall always and forever be sisters.

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