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Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Have you ever encountered a vulnerable dog or cat roaming around the hazardous streets? If yes, do not panic because Animal Haven can help. To find the pet’s rightful owner please do not hesitate to call them at (212) 274-8511. They will arrange a time for you to bring the dog into Animal Haven during business hours and scan for a microchip. In the meantime, Animal Haven highly recommends using the free Shadow app to alert local volunteers and owners. reuniting lost pets to their homes. If you answered no, however, you should still thank Animal Haven because most animals wandering outside are strays that have been fortunate enough to be brought in and taken care of by this 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Their main mission is to find permanent homes for all abandoned cats and dogs throughout the Tri-State area. With programs that help with behavior intervention when needed to improve the chances of adoption and additional programs that help enhance the bond between animals and people, Animal Haven consistently strives to achieve their ultimate goal. Founded in 1967, they have worked nonstop in operating an animal shelter in Manhattan. They are located at 200 Centre Street at the corner of Hester Street in New York, NY 10013. Animal Haven is open for walk-in visits every Tuesday-Thursday from 2-6 pm. They also offer individual appointments Tuesday-Sunday from 12-7 pm. Phone calls are answered from 12-7 pm except on Mondays when they are closed.

Now, to address a frequently asked question about the institution. In response to the question “Is Animal Haven a ‘no-kill’ shelter?” They have stated that “Animal Haven will never euthanize for space or time. Adoptable animals will stay in our care for as long as it takes to get them adopted or placed in a more suitable rescue or foster situation” (Animal Haven, 2022). If you are interested in adoption please visit

Adopting a new furry friend is only one of many ways to support this organization, however, since donating can go a long way as well. They accept certain pet supplies like wet dog/cat food, pee pads, linens (towels, sheets, blankets, but no pillows, dog beds, or comforters), new dog/cat toys, and unopened dog/cat treats. They currently are unable to accept open dry food, leashes, harnesses, collars, cat litter/litter boxes, medication, animal clothing, used toys, and food bowls. Make sure to set up an appointment to drop off donations since they do not accept walk-in donations at this time.

Still not sure if Animal Haven is worth supporting? Well, Animal Haven has an excellent 4-star rating on Charity Navigator which according to its website mentions “With nearly 200,000 charities rated, our comprehensive ratings shine a light on the cost-effectiveness and overall health of a charity’s programs, including measures of stability, efficiency, and sustainability. The metrics inform donors of not just where their dollars are going but what their dollars are doing” (Charity Navigator, 2001). Due to its high ratings, people can rest assured that Animal Haven has no ill intentions. Just affection and assistance towards homeless pets in need of a chance. Moreover, this organization has also declared that “We are thrilled to report that because of you, The Animal Haven won the first place award in Animal Rescue” (Marino, 2022). News like this surely brings a smile to any animal lover's face. Now, hopefully, more and more people will be convinced to start encouraging Animal Haven in completing its goal one pet at a time.

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