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Pain and Waiting

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Gnawing, scraping, pulling the cardiac muscle.

Blame, it was never your game.

Such pain, but how to cope.

What to do?

Why did this happen?


It was their fault.

Why did nothing change?


Three hours later, nothing was heard yet.


Where is the outcome? Why wasn’t I told?

Still waiting.

Sudden catastrophe and self-survival.

Why go to people for help for your own emotions?

They want nothing to do with your drama.

Keep it inside.

Bottled up.

No one would understand your intentions.

They have their own problems.

And I have mine.

Only one understands .

Truly comprehends how I feel.

One who’s taken all of our pain millenia prior to the current present. Pain is continuously bleeding, everywhere.

Yet I am still—WAITING!

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