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The Arts Column: Oct 18th

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Hello everyone! I am back again with some news about shows and events happening in our community.

Starting this weekend throughout October, Ti-Ahwaga Community Players are performing Richard O’ Brien’s The Rocky Horror Show, Fridays and Saturdays starting at 8pm, and Sunday’s at 2pm. The show dates are; September 30th, October 1st, 2nd, 7th, 8th, 9th, 14th, and 16th. Tickets are $30 each, and you can buy the tickets online at: I myself will be attending this weekend, and I cannot wait!

Coming up in a few weeks The Muse of Fire will be hosting events in October, just in time for the spooky season. The first one on our roster will be our own Live Shadowcast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Now, you’re probably wondering what a shadow cast is. A shadow cast is an ensemble of actors that perform the movie while it is playing; oftentimes dancing and singing live. This will be a free event to attend! Professors, students, and community members are welcome to attend! We will have concessions, and audience participation is more than welcome. But, make sure to keep your kids at home, this will be a 17+ show! This will be happening October 19th, at 9:15pm, located in the Schuler Theatre. A small $5 donation would be greatly appreciated and suggested.

The cast of actors include; both community members, and current CCC students:

Brad Majors- Jonathan Howland

Janet Weiss- Emma Kephart

The Criminologist- Alan Cameron Caum

Riff-Raff- Gavin Michaud

Magenta- Cassidy Harriger

Columbia- Jasmine Helles

Frank-N-Furter- Ethan Davidson

Rocky Horror- Jake Emerson Schultze

Eddie- Mateo Rivera

Dr. Scott- Greg Mathews.

We all hope you can make it to a fun night!

A week after the shadow cast, Muse of Fire would like to invite you all; students, professors, and community members to join us in After Hours! What is that? You might ask. Well after hours is a late night talent show we like to put on. You can sign up and do anything you would like; whether that be to sing, act, dance, read a poem, magic. Anything! This event is happening October 26th at 9:30pm located in the Schuyler Theatre, and tickets are $3 a student, and $5 for anyone else, but performers will get in for free! We are hosting this in October, so we are having a Halloween/Spooky theme, which means wearing costumes is more than welcome! We hope to see you there, to show us what you’ve got!

Poster Design: Gavin Michaud

Lastly, The Muse of Fire has casted and have started their rehearsals for Thorton Wilder’s Our Town. Our Town is a play about a fictional American small town of Grover’s Corners between 1901 and 1913 through the everyday lives of its citizens. Directed by CCC’s theatre and humanities professor Mary Guzzy, the show is set to perform; November 10th-11th at 7:30pm, and November 12th at 2pm and at 7:30pm, located in the Schuyler Theatre. Tickets are $18, and $10 for seniors and students. You can also call the Box Office at (607)962-9311. The cast and crew of Our Town include both CCC students and community members.

The Cast includes:

Stage Manager- Claris Jewers

Emily Webb- Merica Griffin

Poster Design: Gavin Michaud

Wally Webb- Gabriel Contello

Mrs. Webb- Sarah Slocum

Mr. Webb- Jonathan Howland

Doc Gibbs- Alan Cameron Caum

Mrs. Gibbs- Taylor Hurd

George Gibbs- Gavin Michaud

Rebecca Gibbs- Jasmine Helles

Simon Stimson/ Belligerent man- Brandon Earley

Constable Warren/ Prof. Willard/ Baseball Player 2- Zoey Gregory

Mrs. Soames- Alyson Chapman

Joe Stoddard and Both Crowell Brothers- Maggie Mertsock

Howie Newsome and Baseball Player 1- Joey Gabrielson

Woman among the dead/Woman in the balcony/ Lady in a box/ Mrs. Slocum: Noelle Fusco

The Choir- Alyson Chapman, Noelle Fusco, Sage Renzi, Maggie Mertsock

The Crew includes:

Stage Managers- Erika Brinthaupt, Emma Bartlett

Sound Designer- Ethan Davidson

Sound Operator- Adrii Padgett

Lighting Designer- Gavin Michaud

Video/Projection Designer- Zoey Gregory

Costume Team- Alyson Chapman, Jasmine Helles, Krislin Derick

Set Dress/Painters/Builders: Walker Kapral, Adrii Padgett, Emma Barlett, Gavin Michaud, Kryslin Derick, Jasmine Helles, Zoey Gregory.

Other Crew: Anika Cragle, Mateo Rivero, Emma Kephart, Sage Renzi, Alan Cameron Caum.

Poster Design by: Alan Cameron Caum

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