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A Hard Night's Work: an illustrative poem

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

It was a warm evening with a cool breeze, and the moonlight cast its gleam upon the tranquil waters beneath the dark sky, thus illuminated by an innumerable number of stars, creating an enchanting view of splendid loveliness. In the stillness of the night, echoing of merry voices of seafarers aboard a vessel could be heard in harmony in the distance.

Laughter resounds, providing those on board an emotion-filled remembrance of the present moment. Without hesitation they tossed their nets into the water and waited expectantly for them to fill up with fish. As a magnificent feast awaited them in the castle ahead. In the stillness of the night, someone struck a chord on a lute.

They all began to dance in the boat until the early morning when their nets overflowed with an abundance of fish.

Furthermore, as the sun began to rise, they navigated their way back to the castle dock and unloaded the bountiful catch to appease the King. They all ate to their heart's content and lived happily ever after.

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