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Letter From the Chief Editor

To my fellow Red Barons,

It has been a pleasure being the chief editor of the Crier Newspaper this Spring semester. It has also been a big challenge. We have the challenge of building the structure of the newspaper and of The Crier team itself. We had a couple of students join our ranks! firstly Cameron Jensen, a contributor and liaison for the Math Club. Next came Frank McDowell, our very own podcast producer. Finally, a very special thank you to our advisor, Professor Emma Draper-Reich. The core team has been working hard to make sure we can publish quality material, either through the written word or the spoken word.

The biggest personal challenge has been speaking into a microphone and overcoming the fear of the sound of my own voice. I hope I haven’t offended your eardrums! Early on, we determined that it could be the quickest way to get the most up-to-date information out to you but who would be brave enough to tackle the project and keep a consistent show going? I love new challenges and learning new skills so I couldn’t resist adding it to my already full weekly to-do list.    

If you have been listening or if you have been reading our work, I am grateful for you. This letter is to express my gratitude for supporting the beginning of this humble project that we hope will only get bigger and better with time. Not only that, we want to hand over the reins of a well-prepared foundation to a future team to carry on the tradition of sound and enthusiastic journalism.

Speaking of bigger and better, our desires for The Crier cannot happen without YOU! We would love to see your art, hear your music, share your thoughts, or have you in the recording studio. Please send in your work so everyone can see what treasures there are to discover here at Corning Community College! If you are afraid or scared of being judged, you can do so anonymously. Either way, the goal of our community is to empower everyone.

I will continue to help empower all of my fellow Red Barons in the coming weeks and semesters. I look forward to every article and recording.

Be empowered!

Yours truly,

Joshua L. Donescoss  

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