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Second Letter from the Editor

To my fellow Red Barons,

It has been an honor serving you and the CCC campus as Editor-in-Chief of The Crier Newspaper. I look forward to returning after the summer and jumping right back in as chief on day one! I hope we will have more folks willing to join the club, more contributions, more ideas, and more episodes of our new podcast. The more contributors we have next semester, the more robust and vibrant our newspaper will be.

Please, if you do anything over the summer that you believe would interest the rest of us, then feel free to share it! I will still be checking the email for any Summer submissions and would love to publish a newsletter within the first couple of weeks back on campus. Share your art, your thoughts, and your good works out in our community.

When we return for a second season of The Crier Podcast, I hope to shift the focus to “Professor Spotlights” and “Career Spotlights.” I would like quite a few of our weekly episodes to feature exclusive interviews with professors or other staff, thoughts on our education, and what we can do with it once we obtain it! The goal will be to “shine a light” on opportunities that are waiting for us.

Some final words:

Thank you to Professor Emma Draper-Reich for being our advisor and a solid support. I look forward to continue working with you next semester.

Good luck to all of us on our final exams and I wish everyone a happy, restful, and invigorating Summer vacation.

To those graduating this semester, including my very own sister-in-law, congratulations! I pray that you all find success and well-being as you move on from Corning Community College.   

And to all students (and staff) 21 years or older, yours truly will be at Haron Hill Winery on Keuka Lake doing what I do best! Come see me!


As always, be empowered!

Joshua Donescoss, Editor-in-Chief

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