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The Actor

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Oblivious to the punches

Mysterious as the night;

Climbing over furniture.

It’s the actor’s delight.

He’s got a dozen different faces

Split like a broken mirror’s glass

Shards scatter across the floor

But the more you try to clean ‘em up

They keep scattering on the floor.

The glitter of a broken wine glass shines on the floor.

He stops the party and brings in a draft

And the ghosts of your past, they all

Ask ‘Hey, man, where you been?’

But you can’t answer that ‘cause

You’ve been wonderin’ the same thing.

Just floated under the bridge on the

Water spilled all over the floor

But nobody’s there to clean it up

You see the actor over there on the shelf

Watchin’ you with clear crystal eyes

He melts like candle wax

Dripping, melting, mixing with the world as it shifts

“Bad luck for seven years from a

Mirror if it breaks”

“Well, tough luck,” The Actor says. “I’ve already

Broke mine. Just wait- you’ll break yours, too

One day and know how it feels”

Then you’ll see that the actor has taken your face

Until you break your mirror, g’head and

Deny it. Here he is, straight from the grave;

A walking corpse here for your disgrace

Displaced by distaste

Oblivious to the punches

I take my place.

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