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Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Hello! My name is Ethan Davidson, I am in my second year here at CCC and I just want to take the time to write articles for The Crier about things that I am passionate about such as the arts. The arts in the Corning community are all over, whether it’s local short films, community theater, or even here on campus. In the following weeks I will be writing articles about the local arts, focusing on theater, and films, and the people who are in them, and who are backstage making the magic happen. One local theater company; Elmira Little Theatre, just wrapped up their third and final week of performances of Avenue Q. Which if you don’t know is an adult Sesame Street musical. CCC alumni are in the show both as actors and as crew. Current students of CCC; Sara Case, Collin Ward, and yours truly are performing in it as well. There is still more to come this year for Elmira Little Theatre, such as; Emma, and Misery coming this winter, so stay tuned. In November there are going to be three local shows happening. Independent film and theater company; Eighth House Productions, will be putting on Annie Baker’s The Aliens. Family Life (located in Bath) will be putting on the musical The Secret Garden. Muse of Fire (our theater organization here at CCC) will be putting on the play Our Town. Many CCC alumni and current students are in these productions, so make sure to mark them down in your calendars. Dates, times and locations will be announced soon. Alongside those, The Muse of Fire will also be putting on events this semester for students, faculty, and community members, to help raise money for the organization, my column will be covering all those events. If you’d like to see pictures and more information follow us @corningtheatre on Instagram. Until next time! Adieu! Exeunt.

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