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The Future of CCC’s Radio

Updated: Aug 17, 2023


Last year, CCC launched its first radio show- The Baron- with Learning Specialist Michael Clarke as the program’s director. The Baron provided our campus with historical music and spoken word within the public domain, as well as student-created productions, live and musical performances, interviews, lectures, and campus news.

However, the program is struggling to stay afloat. With a lack of student interest and involvement comes the loss of an opportunity. In our media-reliant world, the news is more important than ever. The Baron provides easily accessible coverage of campus events, as well as a chance for students to put themselves out there with their original work.

In a recent conversation with Mr. Clarke, he told me that there is potential hope for The Baron yet; Mr. Clark sees a future in “creating a media empire, with the paper, the radio and the podcast,” but the only way success of The Baron can be ensured is by the participation of students. Whether you have an interest in radio broadcasting, performing, reporting, or producing, a place at The Baron can be made for YOU! For more information on CCC’s radio program, contact Michael D. Clarke at the following:

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