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Til Death We Did Part

The sun was setting. The 6th of May, a Tuesday. It was uncharacteristically cold for May. Everyone stood in a row, shuffling slowly. A rose, a necklace, a pearl, two coins over the eyes, a coin in the mouth, a tear, a waterfall. A mother cradles a child to her chest after finding him hiding behind her leg. This was the worst possible outcome, you didn't deserve this, I deserved to take your place, it should have been me. Everyone shuffles forward. Has the music been this loud the whole time? A green carnation, a golden dagger you mentioned wanting at that pawn shop, a spritz of your mother’s favorite perfume. All of these people absolutely adored you, I made sure not to invite those who did not. Everyone shuffles forward. A sob, it’s your sister, she throws her arms around you and cries into your chest. You were always a good shoulder to cry on. A small ornate box, a huge bouquet of daisies, your favorite. A kiss on the cheek, a caress, a sniffle. Everyone shuffles forward. I can’t believe you. You promised. We were going to go to Washington together. I was going to propose. A pat on my shoulder from the person in front of me. His eyes meet mine, there are tears welling in his. “I’m so sorry for your loss, Sean.” Everyone shuffles forward. Till death do we part, I wanted to promise you that. I pick your hand up in my own, interlocking our pinkies. We were going to get chickens, we were going to buy our first house. “I'm sorry,” I say. Your face is perfect, they made you look so alive. I lean down and kiss you, wishing you off with the most meaningful thing between us. It's dark now. The 6th of May, it is uncharacteristically cold inside.

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