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Womanly Pirate Tragedy

I left town some 3 weeks ago

Pirate crew in tow

Set sail for riches and for gold

little did I know

They was scheming up a plan

To take this lass away

A lass ain’t no pirate they cried as they mutinied

That’s why I’m here today

They took-a ma sword

they took-a ma hat

They told me to walk the plank

Now I sit on the bloody hot sand

With only myself to thank

I left my ship some 3 weeks ago

My pirate crew too

Best take a good think

‘bout whether the pirate life’s for you

If ye be a lass with too many words

And not enough bite for ya bark

Be careful the pirate crew ye keep

‘Fore yer left to swim with sharks

Set sail from port ‘round 3 weeks ago

What a long journey I’ve had

I’ve yet to leave this cursed beach

But I’m doing the best I can

I’ve fashioned seaweed to a hat to keep me pirate pride

I’ve learned to fish and in short time

Made myself quite a life

There be a ship approaching

A ship that’s filled with dames

They say they need a captain and I say

It’s your lucky day

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