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A Captain's Life for Me

Bein captain ain’t so bad

The shoes be a little big

The breeches are quite baggy

and the shirt does tend to swing

I do admit the one before

was quite the burly man

But he don’t need his clothes no more

So I took em off his hands

The crew is fine and strong

There’s nothing much to it

Our next mission is simple

Plunder me some pants that fit

This lass will wear no dresses

No use on the high seas

And no offense to the previous

But I cannae see me feet

‘Suppose I could fix the shirt meself

Tie it in a knot

But these goddamn shoes

have got to go

Though I know they’re all I’ve got

I’m trippin more than I would like

Though the boat does tend to rock

At least me pirate coat does fit

And I’ve a pair of matching socks

A pirate captain ain’t much

If she don’t have a hat

The other captain ain’t no good

I don’t know where his is at

Pulling into port at the new light of day

I guess I should just be glad

They all listen to things I say

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